Fall Tour 2015


danio - basement freaks poster - 2015-10-06

Totally stoked to announce my Fall Tour dates, its been a couple of hard working months here at the basement and i just can’t wait to come out with all those beats! Back to Canada , first time in Mexico ,Bringing with me the Funk and nothing but the Funk baby , See you soon

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Influenced by the “Judgement Night” record that was a game changer for me, giving this jam away via hypeddit









Ilosaarirock Festival / Rytmklubi 2015 – Finland


I had a challenging mission in front of me last week-end: 13 hours on a plane, 2 stops, from Thessaloniki(GR) to Joensuu(FI) to perform at the Rentodisco Stage of Ilosaarirock Festival at 8:15-9:15 & again at the Rytmklubi 2015 (unofficial after party) at 2:30-4:00 am.

Without Hard work and plenty of experience touring, it would have made it impossible for me to deliver 2 high quality sets for each occasion.

Good News! it Was DOPE and totally worth!

Big LOVE to all the Fly Boys & Fly Girls who danced their asses off during both sets. I had a few things in mind for the crowd already, sure, things that I though might fit the profile and that I really wanted people to hear, but as it turned out most of both selections were made on the fly. So many people came up to me saying “We Loved your set” and yeah it was the selection of the tunes in that particular order that made the set so well received but the funny thing is that at that time even I had absolutely no clue of its existence before getting there.

I was happy to hear the many compliments, because it came after a lot of hard work, dedication and digging, yet, all of that would have not happened without an open minded party crowd who wants to get down!

As an artist I am living for moments like those,that’s real food for my inspiration, power to keep up on doing my thing whatever it takes.This interaction with the crowd has made both events special and their memory will live forever.

For me this is the ART of DJing, where the magic happens ,making it all or as much as possible Live. That special moment when party is picking up,when boarding is completed and hundred smiling faces are ready to enjoy the ride together with me.

Before everyone is booked under the groove and the flight is ready to go i have a very important chapter to cover and that’s to prove to the people that I am a good pilot.

Many people wonder what a DJ,who is not a Turntablist actually does in between songs.There is a dude there, behind the controls, not scratching any records and just pressing a play button, while doing few Eq adjustments every couple of minutes, could be the most reasonable answer! Well, sure, that’s one of the answers, but there is much more to it of course.

One of the most important things I have been practising over many years now in my DJ career – apart from making music – is learning to feel the energy and being able to catch the vibes in an instant. This plays a big role on the decision of what would be the next tune.I Am gonna be definitely playing music for the people I have in front of me, rock the crowd whatever the deal is but I am not willing to be taking any requests. I got my own rules in the game and when we are at the party the only language witch is accepted is the body language.

I ll bring the teasers,make sure to showcase a variety of styles and give the feeling of flexibility to the people so the crowds understand & feel that we can go with any style, any beat and dance to anything that is fun.And finally I let them decide.

Every special gig has a special set list,the one that have been developed live and when this don’t happen,then its probably an average gig where a simply job gets done

I Am superstoked for the turn out at Ilosaarirock Festival & Rytmklubi 2015 because travelling 3350 km up to the North of Europe is just isn’t made for average things.

Big ups to Tykki Productions and everyone who welcomed me and made my sort staying comfortable and my agent Frank @ Bureau45Agency for taking care the booking details.

Much Love






Rentodisco photos by Tomas Aphalo
Rytmiklubi photos by Samu Hintsa