Tarantino Bass


Get ready for Tarantino Bass!  This sample pack is a unique style which can be considered a fusion of Mariachi & Balkan inspired sounds with a hint of funk to bring it all together. more info here

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Tribal & African Percussion

Tribal & African Percussion Sample Pack - Black Octopus

Bringing a human element into electronically produced music can really add a special quality and groove that is otherwise hard to obtain by sequencing samples. Tribal & African percussion features nearly 300 percussion loops & one shots, recorded live and played by a skilled percussionist. more info here

Download Free Taster here

Funk Master Tools


The highly anticipated 2nd sample pack from Basement Freaks has arrived! Funk Master Tools is an absolute treasure chest of royalty free funky sounds for music producers.

Funk Legends

funk legends 1000x1000

Dust off your afro pick and get ready for an absolutely legendary collection of funk samples by none other than the Basement Freaks. This collection is oozing with funk gold including live recorded brass, flute, vocals, guitar loops, funky clavinets, pianos & more!