Smokey Bandits (Side project)


Smokey Bandits is a project from Basement Freaks & Quasamodo when back in 2007 jointed forces and started recording their “Debut” album in collaboration with 14 talented musicians from Greece and from arround the world.

Its business as usual in The Smokey Bandits house: bass lines come and go, trumpets sitting lazy in the living room, accordions and trombones melting around, congas, maracas and bongos arguing about the last Tarantino’s film, flutes want to take the leadership, old-school Waltzes n’Tangos drinking a big bottle of champagne, guitars and Rhodes sitting
comfortably in the sofa watching (one more time) “Smokey And The Bandit” (their favorite film).

It took 2 years to finish the album and has been dedicated to the memory of Ioannis Fotiadis R.I.P

Enjoy the music as its one of the finest work ever made from both of the producers!