European Tour Dates feat Georges Perin (March 2015)


Tour is over and we are back home , Huge thanks to everyone,we had a blast

Following our East Block Tour 2013 we are back on our European duties and on a mini tour scheduled for March 2015
Together with the funk brother of many musical adventures Georges Perin we will perform in
Sarajevo, Belgrade, Arad, Oradea, Vienna & Prague from the 13th to 21 of March.

Cant’ wait to see you guys out there!

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Missy Elliott Feat Timbaland – Cop That Shit (Basement Freaks Bootleg)


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End of Bombastic Jam


“End of Bombastic Jam”

All good things come to an end friends, but it sure is with a little sadness that I share with You
the news that Bombastic Jam will cease to exist as a label.

A true work of love, over the years Bombastic Jam has brought together artists from all over the world with quality releases, unique collaborations and a keen ear for the freshest sounds in the business: from dance floor fillers to hammock chillers Bombastic Jam has proudly and consistently delivered entertainment to your ears.

Nothing but good old fashioned pride for a project that might be coming to its end but that has united funk lovers from all over the globe under one shaking roof and big big ups to all the artists that have chosen and supported Bombastic as a platform for their music and to all of you for supporting our artists and buying our music.

While bombastic Jam will be no longer, the music will still be available for your listening pleasure; but do take the time to connect directly with each of your favorite artists via social media and find out what they have been cooking in the studio.

The end of something, even of something we had learned to love, also means more energy, more focus and more passion going towards other projects:

And that really means more quality music, so please connect with my projects directly and don’t miss a funking beat, because lots is brewing for this coming months!



The Big Chill (My Blues)
Boogaloo Express
The Swingers Club
Mission Jazz
Mission Jazz (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)
Polka Step
Tetris Dub
Road Trip To Lagos
The Art of Afro
Cash Money feat Georges Perin
Loopback Brother feat Timothy Wisdom
Records In The Crate

European Tour 2013


“Funk From The Trunk” EAST BLOCK TOUR 2013
03 OCT / 05 NOV 2013

Moszcva KafezoIt has been only a few days since our East Block European tour has officially ended with the last show at Groovestation in Dresden. We are now slowly making our way back to our home Thessaloniki/Hamburg to catch up on sleep.

With no show tomorrow – no show for the next few week-ends actually – it’s time to put our feet up for a bit and take a look back at this crazy month that saw the Freaks run all over East & Central Europe.

Nu Spirit / Bratislava

We traveled 8500 km in a Van jam packed full of Musical equipment, heavy suitcases and a whole trunk full of Funk of course. 15 Shows. 9 different countries.

It wasn’t easy at times to be on the road day after day.

There were days we were tired, days we were sick as dogs and in need of medicine and antibiotics, days we sweat like monkeys and the only thing we truly wanted was a shower and a bed. There was the day we got our camera stolen by a couple of crazy kids on drugs and the day we were stuck in traffic on a German highway, with the whole country under construction.

Tab Tap (Schaffhausen)

More roads, more tobacco, (nearly 600 grams in total), with flavorful blends from Albania and Morocco & Germany. We suffered in non-smoking Hotel Rooms and at times we broke a few rules. We battle some Jamaicans we had met on smoking, and always, always, made a lot of noise.

But no matter how little we had slept or how tough the road had been, everything always changed once we hit the stage, once we met the people, saw their smile and realize how what we were doing was making them dance, how our music, our passion, our FUNK was making them forget about the world even if for just one night.

Kottulinsky (Graz)

For every tough moment there was always another one so ridiculously awesome, so freakishly funky we could not help but smile and follow along in our east Block European adventure.

9 countries and 15 cities, Starting from Belgrade, then to Cluj @ Boiler Club, it was an endless path made of changing money, speaking different languages, eating different foods, and crossing borders
We had time for record diggin in Cologne & Prague, and We had the chance to play along side Charlie Funk aka Afrika Islaam at the Moondoo in Hamburg, and even to record new collaborations in Cologne & Novi Sad.

We also experienced the culture of 9 beautiful European countries while on the road.
We drunk a lot of Serbian & Croatian Rakjia, We enjoyed Romanian Snaps with pickles , loved Austrian liquor, and indulged in Czech & Slovakian Beer.

What else to say if not thank You!
Your funk Ambassadors


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