Disco Life (12 / Jalapeno Records)



Basement Freaks is actually Greece’s George Fotiadis, who presents four tracks well-endowed in the funk department. The title cut sets up a solid boogie synth-line for 90s-style filtered disco action with cool vocals from Jazzmin and George Perins. Three more tracks – old school JB funk of ’Hit The Flame’, ’Here We Go Again’ and ’Something Freaky’ – keep the party spirit simmering making for another red hot pepper for this esteemed label.

Kris Needs – DMC Update

Greece has got the nu-funk massive and leader of the pack is Thessaloniki’s George Fotiadis the man known as Basement Freaks. George has been dropping breakbeat science for nu-funk scene leaders GoodGroove , US funk breaks outpost Funk Weapons (run by All Good Funk Alliance) and Smoove’s Wack Records as well as  Washington DC’s ESL, Austria’s Innvision, San Francisco’s Aniligital, Breakbeat Paradise and Manmade. ‘Disco Life’ has original vocals by Jazzmin and George Perins. All tracks are feel-good party stompers but for me the stand-out by a mile is ‘Something Freaky’, which is hugely-funky with Prince-like vocals. If you liked ‘Push Up’ by the Free Stylers you
will love this.

Awesome 9/10
Rennie PilgremI-DJ Magazine Breaks

DJ Comments – Positive

Fedde Le Grand (Flamingo – Worldwide)
‘Fucking AMAZING. The best dance music I’ve heard in a long time!!!
Something Freaky is my favorite. Will def be in my radio show.’

ATFC (Various – UK)
‘Nice – interesting stuff, will keep an eye on these guys.’

Kid Kenobi (Various – Worldwide)
‘Time to bring back the funk. Bring on the re-evolution.’

Michael Reinboth (Compost Records – Germany)
‘I like this, funky fresh and def good for few plays. Support.’

Crystal Method (Various – Worldwide)
‘I’m diggin this release. Sure to bring any party to life. My favs 
are Hit The Flame and Something Freaky.’

Rennie Pilgrim (TCR / IDJ Magazine / Various – Worldwide)
‘Like the EP especially ‘Something Freaky’ which I think is top drawer.
Have reviewed it in iDJ.’

Pete Jordan (Spectrum/The Majeure Force/iDJ Magazine – UK)
‘Strong release – definitely will be playing Hit the Flame and Here We Go Again! Big tunes. Full support.’

Freddie Fresh (Various – USA)
‘Very dope indeed!’

Severino (HorseMeatDisco – london)
‘Really like this..groovy and sexy….Hot disco stuff!!’

Plaza De Funk (Various – UK)
‘4 funky bombs that are sure to go off at any party. Full support!!’

Russ / Cuban Brothers (Various – UK)
‘Wow, what a funky ep. 9/10.’

Found Sounds (DJ Magazine / Various – London)
‘Disco Life and Hit The Flame here…maybe a slight overuse of certain samples though.’

Hexidecimal (Spectrum – Nottingham)
‘Nice set of down beat funk, Disco Life is my pick of the bunch, good work!’

Maelstrom (Various – France)
‘Lovin this release, will perfectly fit in my funk sets, I’ll give it a spin on saturday for a start Hit the Flame is the one thats doin it for me, trademark Jalapeno funk with the groove locked in and the the booties shakin.’

Philly Blunt (Ambar / Boomtick / NSB Radio – Australia)
‘Loving the whole EP! Awesome stuff that’ll be getting plenty of spins.

DJ Love
(Stellar Music – USA)
‘This is right up my alley. Basement Freaks do it again! “Hit The Flame” is a rocker, for sure. I’m all over that one.’

Gino Silano (Various – London)
‘Excellent 4 tracks to start the year off with I love them all, great party tracks to play mid set at the Keston Lodge, The Fellow and the Defecters Weld. I will also be playlisting all tracks at the above venues.’

Boom Monk Ben (Solid Steel / Mixed Bizness – UK)
‘This is a great party record that will get played and played. Each track works well on it’s own and will provide me with plenty dancefloor action across all 4 tracks.’

Groove Diggerz (Breakin Even – UK)
‘Lovin this, really nice disco bizniss!! Love it.’

Richie Balboa (NSB Radio / Various – UK)
‘This is awsome, Top Grade nu funk, full support from me and NSB Radio. Here we go again is probably my favourite, will be on my Juno podcast next month for sure!’

Craig Woodrow (Various – Brighton)
‘Yeah Hit the flame hits the spot!!’

Ashley Beedle (Various – Worldwide)
‘Thanks for the Disco Life EP. Really into the Hit The Flame track. Will be spinning  and supporting.’

Justin Rushmore (Finger Lickin – Worldwide)
‘Awesome release great mid tempo funker that steers the right side of ‘clap your hands’ cheese.’

John Jones (Hed Kandi / Stereo Sushi – UK)
‘Really cool disco vibes EP here. All tracks are slamming!’

Graeme Park (Various – UK)
‘Wonderful!  “Hit The Flame”!’

Dj Prosper (French Breaks)
‘It’s been really fast cause i knew those tracks before. My two fav track are “Hit the Flame” & “Something Freaky” wich is a real FUNKY BOMB! “Disco Life” & “Here we go again” are not my cup of tea cause of the vocal. Anyway it’s still a great release. I put a 7 / 10. Well done Mr George.’

HARPER (Radio Euro / Laif magazine – Poland)
‘This is very good release and excellent party funk music.  All tunes are quality but i’m not really into these female vocals here so it’s all about “Hit The Flame” and “Something Freaky” for me. Strong radio (Funkadelia show) and club support from me on these two tunes.’

Greg Fenton (DMC Update / Various – UK)
‘I liked Hit The Flame – good response.’

Da Wiseguy (Various – Dublin)
‘Fan-bloody-tastic! Getting more and more back into my funky shit, and jalapeno is where it’s at. top stuff – will blare out on the show tomorrow…may even be TUNE OF THE WEEK…!? :)’

Nico De Ceglia
(Codex / Various – London)
‘Disco Life is nice.’

(Various – Sheffield)
‘Wickedly funky stuff once again! Favourite is Something Freaky, with
Hit The Flame close up behind.’

That Girl DJ
(Boomslang / NSB Radio – Cambridge)
‘Loving the funk! Definitely supporting this one, getting lots of play on the radio show. Thanks for sending.’

Adam Fogarty (Breakonomics – Ireland)
‘Big fan of the Basement Freaks for a number of years now, great to see them on Jalepeno. Hit the Flame charted at 5 in our chart. Great release. Will be supporting live too.’

Clare Scott (Ibiza Voice)
‘Nice stuff, not normally into vocals but Disco Life is the one for me. Reminds me of Kyoto Jazz Massive/LLorca with a disco edge.’

Mr Sushi (Botchit – UK)
‘Great stuff here ‘Hit The Flame’ is the winner.’

DJ Comments – Negative

Mr No Hands (Mixmag Breaks)
‘Great production, bit too ‘pop’ for me though.’

Found Sounds (DJ Magazine / Various – London)
‘Disco life and hit the flame…all cool but a little repetitious on certain samples.’