Basement Freaks & Timothy Wisdom @ Moondoo Fri 25th April


Basement Freaks & Timothy Wisdom
25th APRIL

Vancouver / CA

Timothy Wisdom is a captivating performer. His astonishing sets flow over every contemporary genre and tempo, fusing live MCing, singing, turntablism and incredible hype into a fully engaging show. Every tune, an original production or custom remix, is crafted from his more than twenty years of making large crowds lose themselves in the music. Dubbed as the “Voice of Ghetto Funk”, Timothy’s sets are unique sessions, filled with spontaneous lyrical content and a charisma that literally lifts audiences off their feet.


If you’ve been paying any attention to the world of funky breakbeats then you’ve no doubt heard of Basement Freaks – the brainchild of George Fotiadis, a major force in the scene for well over ten years. Not only do his DJ sets elevate sold out crowds, he produces more music than almost any other DJ in the scene and is the label boss for the infamous label Bombastic Jam.

Loopback Brother feat Timothy Wisdom


We’re taking you back to the old school with a new jam that has the Basement Freaks teaming up with Timothy Wisdom for some Golden Era Hip-Hop. It’s a slice of silly side slapping funk that’ll make any block party bounce. Remixes include an up-tempo b-boy breakbeat mix from Jayl Funk and a super sexy touch of class from Slynk. From the old to the new, Bombastic Jam is bringing the funk to you.

Download here

Recording New Album


Yeah thats right! The Basement Freaks are once again locked down in the studio recording their new album witch will be available thru Jalapeno Records early next year!

With the sneak preview coming out on vinyl on the 5fth of December the “Soul Digga” EP you certainly have an idea of what you should be expecting.

But just an idea cause you haven’t heard yet the new collaborations with Africa Islam aka Charlie Funk,Mustafa Akbar (Nappy Riddem) & our Bombastic brother Timothy Wisdom.Stay Tuned!

Basement Freaks return to Jalapeno with a 4 track EP of killer funk, heavy, heavy beats and deep blues vocals. Always one of the serious players in the Funk / Breaks scene – his music has always been able to transcend genres and gets dropped in clubs and parties round the world.

Basement Freaks – Sou Digga available 12″ on Juno Records after 5th of Dec

Vendeta 16/11/2012 Bombastic Jam Label Night Showcase


On Nov 16th 2012, the Bombastic Jam family invaded the Czech Republic with a show unlike anything seen in Eastern Europe. Fans of funk came from all over the continent to particiapte, celebrate and dance.

Here is a showcase of some top tunes from the artists that will perform on the night on a 20 min mix selected by Basement Freaks

01. Timothy Wisdom & Busta – Pound For Pound
02. Timothy Wisdom – Get Your Hands Up
03. Funk Moguls – Backfire
04. Basement Freaks feat Lozen – Records In The Crate (Nynfus Corporation Remix)
05. Tim McVicar – For The Money (CMC & Silenta Remix)
06. Jayl Funk – Loose Control
07. Dj Wood – Turn Me On
08. Nynfus Corporation – You Got The Love
09. Quasamodo & The Q Orchestra – How We Roll