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DELimentarys Bombastic Jam 4 deck mix Tips & Tricks



Here’s another hot 4 deck production from the nimble fingered Delimentary, slamming together the back catalogue from funky breaks label Bombastic Jam. All track info/remix credits can be found in the video.

A series of 5 tips and tricks will be posted soon that will give you an idea of how Del creates these complex mixes — so you can see just how it’s done.

If you like your music on the funky side, made with real pride and passion with unique twist then the Bombastic Jam label is for you!

Run by the enigmatic Greek breaks ambassador George Fotiadis aka Basement Freaks, and featuring productions and remixes from top artists such as, Dj Wood, Jayl Funk, Tom Drummond, Philly Blunt, Fuzzbox Inc, Hain Teny, Quasamodo, Busta, Umbo, Bad Monkeys, Pimpsoul and Telephunken the label is certainly defining the new sound that is “Ghetto Funk”

Many thanks to Mark at for his amazing filming and editing skills, to Ian Jordan, Delimentary’s Manager and to George at Bombastic Jam for asking Del to do it in the first place!


Tips & Tricks Vol 1

Tips & Tricks Vol 1